We use a virtual VISA card, generated in-app, to allow members to easily and quickly spend their money at check-out. This card functions like a gift card to your veterinary practice and it will not work at other merchants or clinics. 

Here are the steps to spend your rewards card 

  1. Click on Spend Rewards from the GoFetch home screen or click on Wallet from the navigation bar

  2. You will see your available balance in the top left corner of the virtual card, click on on the Spend Rewards button to generate a card 

  3. An instructions screen will come up explaining that you are about to generate a one-time use card in your rewards amount and that you will need to share this information with the front desk.

  4. A VISA card which contains a unique credit card number, expiry date and 3 digit security code will be generated and you will show this to the front desk staff member

  5. The amount on the card will go towards your bill 

See it in action below,

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