Other GoFetch users have told us that getting some cashback is nice, but it's not always necessary. Veterinarians know that everyday pet owners come in and can't afford the care their pet needs.

We wanted to help, and so did others, which is why we created an option for you to be able to donate your earned rebate dollars towards a Clinic GoFetch Account. These dollars act like an "Angel Fund," to allow clinics to provide financial aid to pets in need of medical care. Your clinic will get 100% of the proceeds and personally manages their Angel Fund to deliver the most significant impact when needed.

You are able to donate to your clinic at any time & any amount!

If unfortunately, you have to say goodbye to your best four-legged friend; we know we can never put a price on the lifetime of memories our furry family brings, but please take comfort that regardless if you are able to donate or not, GoFetch will always donate $5 towards your veterinary’s Angel Fund, in memory of our lost pets.


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