Other GoFetch users have told us that getting some cashback is nice, but it's not always necessary. Veterinarians know that everyday pet owners come in and can't afford the care their pet needs.

We wanted to help, and so did others, which is why we created an option for YOU to be able to donate your earned rebate dollars towards your clinic's Angel Fund to help pets in need of veterinary care.

Here’s how GoFetch Donations and Angel Funds work for GoFetch members,

  1. Earn rewards at each visit to your veterinary clinic (you must have a reward balance to donate)

  2. When you are ready to donate, head over to the Overview page of your account and click on the Donation card on the screen

  3. You will then have the option to donate all of your rewards, a percentage or a set amount, then tap Donate to confirm the amount

  4. Tap Yes, Donate to confirm the donation

100% of your donation is provided to your clinic's Angel Fund. Your vet clinic manages its Angel Fund and chooses how to deliver the most significant impact when needed!


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